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 New Site!

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PostSubject: New Site!   Sun Jun 22, 2008 8:46 am

Welcome Friendships and Everyone! cheers

We are currently under construction, but we still working on it as soon as possible.
Please be more patient and kindly understand the situation.

As of now, You can REGISTER here. So you will become a Registered Member.
And we can easily CHAT here at the bottom of our Home page, if you already register you can just easy log in at the chat room.

Also, everyone of us can POST a NEW TOPIC here, regarding with your concern, suggestions, ideas, questions and any topic that are very lively, interesting and more importantly no one will feel harm about it.

You also can have an own BLOG here, just like our Admin's Blog (Jein). You can ask in the chat room if someone are available or just give a private message to Jein about the Blog. You are free to invite us if you already have it and absolutely you can post it in the forum at other topics. Wink

We are so happy that we are having a new site again and this is our main FORUM site.
Hope everyone would love having here.

Here is just my simply question, What do you think of our new forum site? is it okay or not?
Please give us some feedback of your own thoughts so we can know all your concern and we can have some ideas too.

That's All for now!

Enjoy Friendships and Everyone! Have a great weekend. sunny

Be Safe Always,
Jein What a Face
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New Site!
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