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 MyMiniLife Item Creation Video

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PostSubject: MyMiniLife Item Creation Video   Thu Jun 26, 2008 6:57 am

MyMiniLife Item Creation

We add here the Item Creation Video in MyMiniLife. Maybe this video would really help you about creating items on your own, but this is just for digital or any camera used. This is step-by-step for capturing your own item with editing it on Gimp and Adobe Photoshop software.

Also we will add the link where you can download it. Gimp is a free software. So you are free to download that software anytime you want. Gimp is very helpful software as Adobe Photoshop too. You must have a passion to learn it.

-For Windows and Linux users,

Arrow Download Here

-For Macintosh users,

Arrow Download Here

For any questions and information about creating items, you can post it here or just add reply to this topic.

Start Watching and Learn.

yipee Thank you for Watching it and for Downloading! yipee
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MyMiniLife Item Creation Video
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